Cloud Computing is the past. Moon Computing is the future.


In less than a week we raised almost 3 billion dollars! We are now overfunded by 2 BILLION dollars!! This is incredible. I'd like to thank all of the backers so far. We've decided to use some of the additional money to update our website http://www.GalacticLabs.Net. If you are a kick-ass web developer we would love to have you on our Team! Send an email to


I am Dr. Sam Mendelson, CEO of Galactic Labs, LLC and I'm really excited to be talking to you about a project that will revolutionize the way the world computes. After 25 years of extensive research Galactic Labs, LLC is about to begin phase 1 of a revolutionary service we are calling "Moon Computing".

I know what you're thinking. "Moon Computing"???? Is this just some new marketing catch phrase like "Cloud Computing"?

The answer is simple - No. We are putting computers two hundred thousand miles away ON THE MOON.

Once in place "Moon Computing" will transmit and receive your data safely,securely and most importantly environmentally.

  • Our research has shown that Moon Computing reduces the normal earth bound computing carbon footprint by 97.6%
  • Without an atmosphere we are able to collect 99% more power from the sun
  • In sub zero temperatures our custom built hardware can work at its highest capacity
  • keeps it cool because its cold
  • Fully powered by solar power which is unlimited nearly 24 hours a day on the moon
  • 1/6 gravity makes computer 50 times faster because the circuits are uninterrupted

With your generous contributions Galactic Computing, LLC will be poised to be the first ever hosting provider on the Moon. That's right - the moon! This is not a joke. This is a REAL company with extensive experience and relationships with Virgin Galactic and NASA.

I firmly believe this is the absolute future of online storage, hosting and application development and will be sure to meet the digital demands of a today's tech-driven world. This is IT, and you can be a part of it.

Since we have spent all of our money on research we need YOU to help make this a reality.

So join on us on our journey. Help us build a new business - ON THE MOON!

Have a look at the Kickstarterr rewards on our page and choose an option that fits best within your budget. And maybe soon, we'll see you ….... from the Moon!

pledged of $900,000,000 goal
Dr. Sam Mendelson

Sam Mendelson is a physicst and CEO of Galactic Labs, LLC. He has spent the last 25 years on Moon Computing technologies. He lives in New York City with his wife Diana and three kids - Michelle, Stephen and Lucas.

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