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This Week in Kickstarterr
posted about 18 hours ago
Project of the Day

Dr. Sam Mendelson, Ph.D wants to send his servers to the Moon. Mendelson, who has been ridiculed by his peers for decades has finally proven them wrong. With 25 years of research and devlopment this project can soon be a reality.


Moon Computing by Dr. Sam Mendelson, Ph.D

Galactic Labs, LLC is ready to take hosting to the Moon and pick up where "Cloud Computing" left off. Welcome to the future.

  • 803% funded
  • $2.9 Billion pledged
  • 24
    days left

In this ambitious project artist Jason James is taking all 845 Million Facebook users and publishing them into a book he is calling fonebook. In 2004 James created friendbook which contained a listing of every single Friendster user. He hopes to do this same with Facebook.


fonebook: The facebook Book by Jason James

fonebook aims to print every single facebook user into one book.

  • 302% funded
  • $30,237 pledged
  • 16
    days left

Seth Hogen is about to have a LOT of marijuana to smoke. After Seth's hydroponic grow lab is completed his backers will have enough weed to get them stoned for a year.


growHouse by Seth Hogen

I need to raise funds to complete my hydroponic lab where I will grow a shit ton of weed.

  • 420% funded
  • $20,378 pledged
  • 7
    days left

It's never too early to indoctrinate your baby into Apple life. With the iCrib your child will be leagues ahead of the competition. By the time your child is old enough to crawl he or she will be making millions on their apps.


iCrib by i Technologies

iCrib will expose your infant to Apple products before they can say "Xcode".

  • 73% funded
  • $3,660 pledged
  • 15
    days left

ArtSci will archive every single significant scientific study of the past 500 years into a beautifully illustrated mural in a public space.


ArtSci - Visual Science by Phil Scott, Jr.

Visualize science in a town near you.

  • 2% funded
  • $479 pledged
  • 7
    days left

FourSquare meets Twitter meets Instagram meets Google meets Facebook meets Pinterest meets Twilio meets Makerbot meets Commodore 64. We're not sure what it does but it sounds awesome.


eVerYThinG by Jen Silver

Imagine EVERYTHING you want... on a Commodore 64!

  • 55% funded
  • $4,679 pledged
  • 11
    days left
Per Se

Josh Peterson needs your help to get on a bus from Rochester, NY to the big city where he can dine at world renowned Per Se. A local food blogger in the Rochester area, Peterson will have quite a bit to write home about if his project his funded.


Help me Dine at Per Se by Josh Peterson

Help me pay for a bus ticket and meal at Per Se in NYC.

  • 121% funded
  • $880 pledged
  • 20
    days left

The Photo is a band that doesn't have any music - just cool band photos. They need help with their blank 12" vinyl record they want to put out.


The Photo by The Band The Photo

Help us fund our blank album!

  • 171% funded
  • $2,090 pledged
  • 24
    days left

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